Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Party Planning..

Party planning drives me nuts. It just hit me that Dylan will be 2 years old in a little over two months. I still have a little time left to plan and finalize the small details, I know. I just want to get some of the bigger ideas out of the way. At this point, I can't even decide if I want to have just a family party or expand it a little and invite some of his little friends. Or should I invite his friends to the family party? So many tough decisions to make! I don't want to blow it off completely because you only turn two once but I don't want to go to a huge expense either. Ahhh!

And now he's up so it's time for lunch..


  1. I'm new to this mommy gig, but if it were me, I would invite his friends and family to the same party. It's less of an expense and you only have to plan one party.

  2. I actually did that. I only invited a few Moms and their kids that we're close to in our group. :-)