Monday, May 9, 2011

Ah I love my son..

We spent an hour at the E.R. tonight. I stepped away to cook dinner for a few minutes. Next thing I hear was 'WAAAAAAH. Nose. Stuck." Dylan kept pointing at his nose and repeating this so I asked him if he'd put something up there. He tells me "NO" and follows this up with "crayem. nose. stuck." I ended up trying to touch his nose and he pulled away from me while crying. I finally laid him down on my lap and looked up his nose only to see something purple in one nostril. Called Ryan and he came home to look and confirmed what I'd seen.

We went to the E.R. where they confirmed they saw something. Turns out it was a purple crayon that took two seconds to extract with a big pair of tweezers. Let me tell you.. that purple crayon turned out to be the most expensive crayon we've ever purchased. $300 later and we didn't even get to keep the crayon as a memento. :-)

Gotta love my silly kiddo and the things he long as he doesn't do it again!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday!