Monday, January 17, 2011

Really? Snow?

Really? Snow? Again? Has it not snowed enough in these past few weeks? It seems like it's been non-stop this year. It started to snow on the way to my parents house yesterday. Snowed pretty heavily throughout the Bears game and then stopped. I just looked out our window and it's snowing again. Craziness! I have to admit I do love snow. It's just the people in Chicago seem to forget how to drive when it's snowing outside. Maybe I take it for granted. I drive a car that is pretty equipped to drive in the snow so it's easier on me. When I was driving the Taurus, I hated it. The tires slipped and made it that much worse on the road for me. That fact alone makes me take it easy on the whole of drivers without all wheel drive. At least it makes it pretty and white outside. :)

On another front, we're all sick again. I'm going to try spraying some Lysol around in hopes it kills of whatever is living around here. It probably doesn't help that we see Audrey and Jacob a lot. They've been sick on and off as well so I'm sure we're just passing it. I'm not one to take medicine, and I rarely like to give it to Dylan. The situation has to be pretty dire for me to do that. We're going to his pediatrician for a follow-up to his ear infection so I'll see what happens then. I'm just ready to stamp out the sick bug once and for all. Whatever we have is making me miserable. All I want to do is sleep at this point in hopes that it'll go away.

On the upside-Dylan is walking around humming. It's the cutest thing ever. He must still be feeling okay to be able to do that. I think we've decided to get more serious about potty training. Might try the naked approach and see how that works. I know he's ready. We've just been lazy about it. Don't like being a pushy parent. We'll try this and see how it works.

Hope everyone (and kiddos) is doing well! Time for us to get ready for the doctor!


  1. That surprises me that people in Chicago would act like they don't know how to drive in snow...well, ok, it doesn't really. It blows my mind how people totally freak out with even the slightest dusting!

  2. Oh Holly, you'd be surprised how badly people drive in snow around here.

    I honestly believe a majority of these people say "Oh Snow, it's fine." They end up being the majority of people who get in wrecks or cause wrecks. :-(

    Sorry it took so long to reply back. I never get e-mails so I don't know people comment. -(