Monday, August 29, 2011

New bikes..

Dylan fell back asleep this morning after we dropped Ryan off at work so I have a few minutes to update on here!

Biggest news right now is that we just bought bikes for ourselves yesterday. Ryan had a minor health issue a couple of weekends ago. It scared me enough that I told him that enough is enough. We need to start exercising and eating better. I want us to be healthy for Dylan and ourselves as well. He loves to bicycle around so after doing some research we went and bought one for each of us. I can tell they're going to be well loved already. While we were there, we saw little man bikes. Dylan is going to need one soon so we might as well start looking now. He has a tricycle but I think he has a hard time pedaling it. Sooo... big boy bike it will be!

We ended up buying a bike trailer yesterday so we could haul D around with us. We get home to set it up only to find that a piece is missing. We had to order the piece. Hoping it'll be here in the next day or two so we can get out and ride.

We also found out that I can get in under Ryan's parents plan over at the YMCA. All we have to do is bring Cindy over and she can add me. We'll officially be members of the Y and can go work out and exercise whenever we want. I'm going to drag Cindy along with us. She wants to work out, but like I told her-it's hard when you're by yourself. Hopefully with all of us together, it'll go smoother.

Now I have to see if they have child care so we could leave D and come back for him. Going to research that in a few minutes and see what they have.

Ooh just can't wait to get out there! It was exhilarating being back on a bike after all of these years..