Monday, December 19, 2011

Gingerbread houses!

We were supposed to go to my Aunt's house yesterday and celebrate Christmas with her, my uncle, and my cousins. Unfortunately, my cousin got into a car accident and ended up breaking her neck. She's in one of those halos and really isn't feeling well enough for a get together. My Aunt decided to postpone it until after the new year.
It ended up working well for us. We hadn't had a chance to buy presents. I ended up inviting my parents over to make gingerbread houses. It was an absolute blast and I hope we make it a yearly event. After putting together the gingerbread house and letting it sit, I tried making a house of out graham crackers. I am here to tell you that this is not an easy task. Every time I would get something decent going, it would fall over.

I finally gave up and let my Dad (the master artist) take over. He actually managed to make it work by literally shellacking the thing with frosting. At the end you could barely tell there was graham cracker underneath.

Dylan, naturally, had more fun eating then decorating. For some reason, he started rolling the candy down the table at me. Every time it rolled near, I would make a big deal out of it. He would just crack up every single time I did. When he did decorate, I was surprised by how serious he was about it. He had to have every candy just perfect.

All in all, they came out really well. Dylan has now been steadily demolishing it. I'll go to do something and come back and another piece of the house is gone.

I love this idea of carving out holiday traditions for Dylan. My parents have always strived to do this for me so I'm trying to do the same for him.

Hope everybody has a very happy holiday (whichever you celebrate)!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Watering the plants..

He takes his watering job VERY seriously. :-P

Monday, December 5, 2011

BYOC-Monday Edition

It's Bring Your Own Crazy straight from Drazil's Blog. BYOC is where we answer 5 questions in order to get to know each other better and give our blogging brains a break. (Stolen from Holly!)

Let’s do a little themed version of where you live and why!

1. Describe the structure you live in. (apartment, condo, house, mansion, cardboard box?)

I live in a 2 bedroom apartment in a fairly big apartment complex. I'm really hoping we can start looking for houses in the next year or so.

2. Describe the city you live in. (population, main attractions)
The city I live in is probably best described as a suburb. It's about 25-30 minutes south of Chicago. It's a nice family-oriented community with lots of activities to do and places to go with little ones.

3. Why do you live in the town you live in? (job, to get away from a different town, family, schools?)

We moved out by Ryan because his job was out this way. He just got another job and it's still fairly close to where we are. Plus, it's a great community, close to family, and has great schools.

4. What’s the view like from your backyard?
Uh, we have a creek behind us. There's also a parking lot with tons of cars.

5. Repeat question: How has your week been in blogland and in real life?
My week in blogland has been fairly quiet. I haven't posted much but I haven't had a lot to say. Real life weekend was nice. We went and helped my parents decorate their tree yesterday. Very nice and relaxing!!